Warm Vapour Inhaler

For Natural Relief from... Sinusitis,

Colds, Cough, Bronchitis
& Laryngitis.

Hand held, Portable
Lightweight & Convenient


  • Saft & Comfortable
  • Gentle and Soothing
  • Not Scalding/Burning
  • First time in India
  • Sinumate is a proven and trusted device for treatment of colds, Sinusutis , Bronchitis and other related respiratory problems. By and large physicians prescribe steam inhalation for all such problems which has many deficiencies. Steam is generated when water boils at 100 deg C and even after the boiling is over the temperature is around 65-80 deg C. The body,s internal temperature is around 40-45 deg C. Therefore steam at high temperatures is likely to damage the nasal mucosa. For steam to be generated most of the patients use vessels containing boiled water .Heavy scalding / burns have been reported due to accidental turning over of such steam vessels while inhalation is being done. This is particularly dangerous in case of children. Steam or Sauna cannot provide dry, warm inhalation necessary for disorders where is excessive secretion. Sinumate provides both warm moist and dry vapour at temperatures between 40 -60 deg C. We are all aware that with increasing levels of environmental pollution,the incidence of people suffering from respiratory diseases has been rising rapidly and they are looking for some natural way of treatment instead of resorting to strong drugs like in case of nebulisers.Use of Sinumate is as close a therapy as you can find / get to nature